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At Elevation Strategies, we offer a variety of services designed to maximize the efficiency of our client’s campaign and political future


Our expert guidance gives clients the support they need to take their campaigns to the next level as we offer a number of services to assist administrative efforts such as comprehensive campaign management training for campaign staffers and recruitment screenings for campaigns looking to onboard the finest volunteers. Through our work, we have realized how cumbersome Vote Builder and NGP VAN systems can be for campaigns, especially for first-time candidates. The current pool of resources for NGP VAN is limited at best, and hard to navigate which is why we decided to offer VoteBuilder training as one of our management services.


The development of strong platforms are crucial to campaign efforts. At Elevation Strategies we value inclusive and equitable policy. Elevation Strategies aids our clients in the creation of policy. Our team uses their advanced policy analysis skills to conduct in-depth analyses and produce innovative recommendations surrounding the policy of our clients and their opponents.


At Elevation Strategies we conduct extensive research surrounding campaigns and policy. We use a variety of methods to produce the research our clients need to prosper. Our research includes but is not limited to: community organizing guides, detailed information about campaign donors, and  Electoral District analyses which are broken down into several categories such as voter registration, past election voter turnout, triple prime voters, neighborhood, and polling site.


Our diverse team understands how important it is for clients to connect with voters in a way that is all-encompassing. We help our clients produce compelling narratives that assists with mobilizing voters. Elevation Strategies believes that motivating disenfranchised members of our city to better their communities requires spurring those voters into organizing and getting more involved in their local politics beyond the electoral sphere. We have also adapted communication methods to comply with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines.

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