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Randall Franklin

Founder, Organizer, CEO

Randall Franklin is the founder and CEO of Elevation Strategies. Like most, Randall began his career in politics as an intern where he swiftly became infatuated with campaigns as he realized how important campaigns are to the core functions of democracy. Randall graduated with a degree from SUNY Brockport where he studied Political Science. After graduating Randall went on to gain a variety of experiences from interning for congressional campaigns, to working for non-profit organizations, and more. Randall is also an Organizing for Action (OFA) graduate as he volunteered on the campaign of former president Barack Obama. Through his work, Randall realized that organizing and leading are two crucial components to success in the political field. Determined to sharpen his organization and leadership skills Randall gained over five years of experience as senior retail manager for companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, and Equinox where he learned to become a business orientated organizer and developed his administrative skills. As a native New Yorker dedicated to applying his skillset to the advancement of local politics, Randall has worked on campaigns such as that of Max Rose’s successful 2018 campaign for New York’s 11th congressional district. Randall also consulted on the campaigns of Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz from Assembly District 39, Councilwoman Farah Louis of Council District 45, and many more. Randall has lived and worked across each borough of New York City from Bushwick, Brooklyn to southeast Queens, to Pelham in the Bronx, to the upper west side and the lower east side of Manhattan, and so forth. Randall has an extensive passion for using his skills in political strategy to diversify the political arena and is committed to producing the top candidates in New York City and across the nation. Randall believes that in order for underprivileged communities to obtain equal and inclusive policy, we must first elect diverse candidates into office. In 2020, Randall founded Elevation Strategies where he currently leads a team of individuals from various backgrounds as he works to foster the transformation of the political landscape.

Cora Fagan

Manager of Operations


Cora Fagan is the Manager of Operations at Elevation Strategies. When she isn't working with local politicians she is completing her studies at Trinity College Dublin. Cora has worked alongside various nonprofit and volunteer organizations and loves to get to know people on a personal level. She joined Elevation Strategies in 2021 and has enjoyed working on successful campaigns, helping to propel candidates to victory

Contact Cora:

+353 087 336 3288

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