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As an individual that has conducted over a dozen internships, Randall Franklin was determined to create an internship program that provides students and minorities with opportunities they would not find elsewhere. Through his experiences as an intern, Randall was able to develop a wide array of skills that he would not otherwise have. While Randall is immensely grateful for the experiences he had as an intern, he always felt that the work environments lacked the proper degree of engagement. Driven to offer more,  he was dedicated to construct an internship program that highlights intern engagement, even if it means that Randall has to put in an additional twenty hours to the work week for internship development. Randall believes that interns are the pillars to campaign work and is motivated to produce strong interns that will flourish in the political scene. 


At Elevation Strategies we believe our interns to be the future leaders of the political field. By nurturing the skills of our interns, we work to ensure that the industry will one day be left in good hands. In order to launch a career in campaign work, individuals must have sharp skills in areas such as leadership, research, networking, and collaboration. Our internship program provides interns with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the skill sets required to sustain a career in the political field. We believe that in order to be successful in campaign work, individuals must have a holistic understanding of campaigns. At Elevation Strategies interns have the chance to learn about every aspect of campaign work as well as gain understanding about the ways in which the various components relate to one another. Interns will gain knowledge of communications, field work, client management, outreach, organizing and more. We look to serve as the stepping stone our interns need to initiate their political careers.


At Elevation Strategies interns build real connections. We allow our interns to gain first hand experience that allows them to learn the fundamentals of effective campaigns. Interns are given the opportunity to learn how to conduct research for candidates as well as how to use research to improve campaign performance. Interns will build resilience as they face obstacles encountered only in the real world. These valuable experiences help us produce quality interns for our clients.  Elevation Strategies values the career aspirations of all of our interns which is why we worked hard to design an internship program that gives interns insight into the inner working of New York City’s political scene.

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